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    It is known that the Emperor of China in 138 BC By Dee's ambassador Zhang Qian to seek allies in the fight against militant nomadic tribes of Huns who ravaged the northern outskirts of China. While driving, the ambassador was taken prisoner by the Huns as much as ten years. He managed to escape and go through the high passes of the Central Committee of Tien Shan in the Issyk-Kul. Passing the Naryn River, he finds himself in the Fergana Valley. For it was little surprise that the valley a number of cities, housed in a united state. He tried to negotiate with the ruler of the Fergana Valley, but he disagreed only on the establishment of trade relations and Zhang Qian went further south. Returning from his trip, he was again taken prisoner by the Huns, but this time it was two years later. Zhang Qian, a detailed report to the Emperor about his time in Central Asia, have. Convenient ways to trade, later the basis of the IDT The Emperor gave him the title "great traveler."


    Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 005

    Mission: Kyrgyzstan

    Actions: trekking round

    Duration: 16 days


    Day 1: Your breakfast will be presented at 7:00 today, you are familiar with Wednesday's visit of the shepherds, and acclimatization and some driving practice. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents in Kara Koyun.

    Day 2: In the morning we take a tour  on a trekking tour  and travel about 20 km from Tash-Рабата "Ak Sai a valley and in Ak-Tash and beautiful Chater Kol lake located in the Valley Camp Ak-Tash in Kyrgyzstan  At 19:00 dinner .. be submitted

    Day 3: Your breakfast will be submitted at 7:00 of trekking tour and travel  along the river Ak-Tash from 25-35 km to the river and then Keltebek Ken Soo Kok Aigyr in Kyrgyzstan. We camp on Ken Su, surrounded by snowy mountains. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

    Day 4: In the morning trek tour and travel to Ken Suu Ichke to Chet-Su, and then Kashkara Tash is moved across the river. We camped on the river Muzdabas in Kyrgyzstan.

    Day 5: After a delicious breakfast, we begin the round by a trekking tour  with Muzdabas, we drive 35-40km to the lake grief Bordu Colonel Kosh (3355 m). We spend the night at sea. Your dinner will be presented at 19:00 clock, night is organized in tents.

    Day 6: Have breakfast at 7:00 submit trekking tour  Kosh carbon Ruver. In the afternoon we continue Uzun Bulak and Koiluu Suu. The dinner will be organized on the tour road. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents on the river Kaynar. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

    Day 7: In the morning we start the round by a trek in a trekking tour  we Koiluu soo, 35-40km for First class Ashu (3400 m) and Kundu Suu. Your dinner will be presented at 19:00 clock is organized night in tents along the river Kaynar.

    Day 8: Breakfast is to be submitted by 7 clock in the morning, we will spend the morning at the coast Kaynar occupy time to be washed and cleaned. In day we take free ride, are not prepared in the mountains and a trek back to camp. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    Day 9: Morning round of the tour  on the river we Kaynar a trek, 35-40km to the river and River Balyktu Bashi. We are pleased with the river in Bashi camped. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    Day 10: Trekking tour  in forward - crossing the Bashi Lancers batorskoj to the river and then the Lancers Batorsky Pass (3791 m).

    Day 11: Your breakfast will be presented at 7:00, round on the trekking tour  Ulaan the pass, pass us by Flask Kok (3993 m), the vials of the River Kok. We camped along the river Karakol. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    Day 12: From the river in the Karakol river Djailoo. The dinner will be organized on the tour road. Camp before Chakyr Corum Pass will spend the night in tents organized.

    Day 13: After a delicious breakfast we start the round trekking tour  Chakyr Corum Pass (3882 m) Joe Jurok 35 km and on the river Kara-Suu. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

    Day 14: We are a trek tour , 30-40km over Kara-Suu pass (4001 m) in our warehouse in Valley Tuzufe.

    Day 15: Have breakfast at 7:00 Tuzufe trekking tour  from one valley to be small village Kara Shepherd Sai filed where we where at home with his family. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    Day 16: In the morning, your tour guide will be returned at the Manas International Airport


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