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    Information exchange between China and Central Asia, especially in the Chinese chronicles, beginning with I c. VII-VIII century BC. BC Early evidence tell us, gifts, gifts that were sent from the Central Asian region to the imperial palace. This has also sent gifts, if anyone wanted to win China from where the ruler. Gifts from the station especially appreciate the renowned horse Davani, fast horses, which the Chinese as "heavenly", "cruise." And they are valued because it was a legend in China that was ascent to maintain its divinity and immortality, the Emperor rode to heaven with heavenly. It was brought to China by Zhang Qian "heavenly" horses. This enterprising traveler had brought from Central Asia not only horses, but also food for them - the seeds of alfalfa. Soon the harvest of alfalfa spread throughout China.


    Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 006

    Mission: Kyrgyzstan

    Actions: trekking round

    Duration: 15 days


    Day 1: Upon arrival at the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan will be transferred to Bishkek city. After breakfast move to Kara Sai. We have spent days in the village of Kara-Sai. Day dedicated to local shepherds in a landscape, and training of our horses to make the familiar road. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    Day 2: We are trekking tour and travel around, 25-30km from Kara Sai Kyr-Tash Lake in Kyrgyzstan, and camped there. Your dinner will be presented at 19:00 clock, night is organized in tents.

    Day 3: In the morning we start the round of a trekking tour and travel  in Kyrgyzstan we Tash a trek, 25-30km open by Besh Moinok the valley to the Canyon Yshtyk in Kyrgyzstan. We have established the base camp here.

    Day 4: Today we have a trekking tour and travel round freely, without the chassis by Yshtyk Canyon, the canyon valley Baralbas Boz Jalpak and then back to our camp in Canyon Yshtyk.

    Day 5: breakfast at 7 clock will be submitted in a morning hike in 25-30km, led Canyon Yshtyk the shepherds visit refuge for food, and then in the afternoon to camp in the valley Kyr-Tash. The dinner will be organized on the tour road. Overnight in tents.

    Day 6: Trek from Kyr-Tash we a trek tour , 25-30km by Kara Sai River, at Ak-Белле and in our camp on the river Taragay.

    Day 7: In the morning we will have a trek tour 25-30km through White Lake Ara May on Rocky Valley Lake Jashyl Kol. At 19:00 clock dinner presented

    We Чоне-Tash "The Big Stone" encamped at Valley Juuku. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

    Day 9: Today we have a round tour  -25-30km on the river Juuku and merging of the river and Clover Suu Juuku. We spend time with pastors in their yurts.

    The dinner will be organized on the tour road. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

    Day 11: After a delicious breakfast we start walking to Jyluu we soo a trek 25-30km Chychkan Bashi across a valley from one valley Kyzyl-Bulak with Sai and Blow devocalization representations of the Issyk-Kul on the tour road. Camp at Bell Kok.

    Day 12: We are a trek tour , 25-30km Beauty Kok in our next camp at Ak-terekskoj in a valley.


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