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  • Cars for rent

    Cars rental 7  
    Car for rent Kyrgyzstan 7
    Toyota 4Runner
    01 day - 110 $
    03-06 days - 90 $
    07-13 days - 80 $
    14-29 days - 70 $
    30 and more - 50 $

    Toyota Sequoia
    01 day - 120 $
    03-06 days - 100 $
    07-13 days - 90 $
    14-29 days - 80 $
    30 and more - 60 $

    Car rental 7  
    Kyrgyzstan car for rent 7
    Lexus GX470
    01 day - 140 $
    03-06 days - 120 $
    07-13 days - 110 $
    14-29 days - 90 $
    30 and more - 70 $
    Lexus LX470  
    01 day - 140 $
    03-06 days - 120 $
    07-13 days - 110 $
    14-29 days - 90 $
    30 and more - 70 $


    Dear travellers! Welcome Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! We would like suggesting you the cars for rent for the amazing tour! Our company is the car rent company who is working on the cars for rent market not so long but we may proud to be considering one the best car rent company. Our customers are usually joyous having relations with us. Our customers write excellent feedbacks of our cars for rent company and make advice about us to their close friends, relatives, and of course business partners. Many people ask us why you considered being the best company for cars for rent?! And we reply that our easy conditions on the auto for rent is easy, low prices for renting the auto, fast figuration of documents and of course excellent service. So you decide to visit Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. And present time you should look for the auto. Our auto is suitable for the tour amongst lofty Tien Shan Mountains. You cannot fancy how they are high and wonderful.


    It will be suggesting to you to attend not only Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Do not forget to attend but also their capitals such as Bishkek city, Almaty city and Dushanbe city. You will be amazed with various places such as Issyk Kul Lake and we call it as the pearl of high Tien Shan Mountains, admirable Son Kul Lake which situation is on the elevation of 3016 meters above sea level where you have great chance to see real nomads, and Tash Rabat caravanserai which is rich of the historical facts of the years during Great Silk Road.  It will be suggesting to you to attend such as Bulunkul, Khoroh, Murgab, Khudjant.


    The customer may give back the auto in Bishkek city, or in Dushanbe city or in Almaty city. Our company is interested you so please write e-mail to us or call. The experienced workers with a great enjoyment reply you! The service of our company can be promised wondrous tour!

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