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Lexus LX470 Kyrgyzstan car for rent

Lexus LX470

01-07 days - 60 $ 
08-15 days - 50 $
16-25 days - 45 $
01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $ 
Lexus LX470 rent in kyrgyzstan 

Choosing the route along which you will go the best option for the car will be - Lexus LX470. By renting this car, you will drive along a mountain winding road and not feel it at all. Convenience during the whole journey of the entire cabin.
As you know, the climate of Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental; therefore it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. In the mountains, you can meet sunny weather during the day and rain in the evening. But in this car, in addition to air conditioning, there is a heated seat. But in order to make your way easier, you can use the car rent service with a driver. All drivers of our company are professionals; they know all the roads and ways. You can enjoy the beautiful beauties of the country without worrying about where which road leads.
Renting a car from us you choose comfort.

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