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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Kyrgyzstan car for rent

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 90 $
16-25 days - 80 $

01-07 days - 100 $ 
08-15 days - 100 $
16-25 days - 90 $

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 rent in kyrgyzstan 

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is the choice of those who drive on mountain roads. Off-road is not an obstacle for this car. You can enjoy the ride and get the maximum comfort and pleasure from it. A pleasant and large salon where you will ride your entire trip to such famous places as Issyk Kul Lake, Son Kul Lake, Jeti Oguzi Canyon and many other places.
Our company is the best in the car rent market in Kyrgyzstan. We also offer car renting with or without a driver. All our drivers are professional. By choosing this service, you can completely facilitate your journey through the country of nomads.
Choose the best - travel with us.

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