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Konrad Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.

I had an unforgettable trip to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. During my tour, we went to most beautiful lakes like Issyk Kul and Song Kul. The country itself is absolutely amazing, but the trip just wouldn't be excellent without the extraordinary staff. Along with being proficient in English they were overall very knowledgeable and more than helpful. Thanks for the wonderful experience!


Kelly Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Kyrgyzstan is the land of beautiful nature and nomadic culture. Our trip to this country will be associated with white peaks of Tien Shan Mountain and interesting experience of horse riding. We were happy with high-level service from accommodation to meal.


Antony Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.  

In July, we visited beautiful country of Central Asia. First, we spent some time in the gorge near the Bishkek, then drive to Issyk Kul lake. It has breathtaking landscape with snow-caped mountains and sand beaches. The most exciting part was to see eagle hunting. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone!


Kate Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.  

Our trip to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan was unbelievable. During these 10 days, we had an opportunity to do many things; explore the cities, ride a horse, have a trekking in the Tien Shan Mountain, experience the nomadic culture and spent a night in the yurt. We were very happy and grateful for the organization of this awesome trip.


Dima Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.  

It was the first experience in Central Asia, we got more than we expected. It was unbelievable, when we had a surprise of champagne on the top of the pass. The country is heavenly beautiful, I would come back to explore more. Many thanks to everyone, who participated in organization.


Lena Feedback, Kyrgyzstan tours.  

We both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our journey in Kyrgyzstan. It was exciting, cultural and educationally rich. The guide and driver represent the country perfectly. During our trip, we fell in love into the beauty of mountains and learned more about local culture and traditions. It will be a treasured memory of ours and we have no doubt that it will stay with us forever.