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Kyrgyzstan settlement

6 km north of the modern village of Darkhan, to the left of the confluence. Zhuuku in the Issyk-Kul lake, under water and on land registered with the remains of ancient buildings.
The first information about these remnants of ancient times, we find even in the works of the first hikers and explorers of Central Asia in the XIX century. In particular, an interesting stock at Issyk-Kul in the area Zhuuku, noted MV Singers, going on a trip to Tibet, after the tragic death of NM Przewalski's on the lake.
Interest in studying the underwater ruins showed Semirechensk bosses Turkestan Governor-General, not once they have been attempts to study these objects. The plans for the study of underwater settlements began to be realized only in the middle of XX century. Systematic studies were carried out by the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Kirghiz SSR. The Settlement is remaining under water and half on land which turned out after one of the regression of the lake, Russian and kyrgyzskie historians have called "Darkhan" - under the name of the area and the nearby village of Jeti-Oguz district. The original name of the city not yet been established, although information about the medieval towns Issyk-Kul region at the time have been reported by medieval Muslim historians Ibn Arab Shah and Mirza Haidar, Mahmoud Gardizi etc.