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Kyrgyzstan vessels

Geographical coordinates of the location of the settlement Darkhan roughly correspond to 75 ° -80 ° north latitude, 40 ° -45 ° east longitude. The distance of the coastal strip, where you can find the archaeological remains, about 3 km.
According to the testimony of local residents in the 70's. XX century .. was visible above the water walls of the upper part of the settlement. In 1983, a separate large part of the walls on the land has been destroyed planned planting of local farm and the site of the historic monument of wheat appeared pole.6 In 1985, underwater archaeological research at a distance of 250-300 m from shore at a depth of 2.5-3 m, in the vast area of ​​shallow (up to 3 km) along the shore of Lake found fragments of pottery, copper coin Katakhanids yard, millstones and threshing rollers, ornamental and ornamented ceramic vessels. And today, on the coast you can collect the fragments of medieval pottery, burnt bricks, metal products. Accidentally found a bronze mirror, and then found him people thought that 'it is golden and divided it into two parts. It was also found copper-lead procurement may coin Katakhanids yard.