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Dungan mosque

Tourists are free to visit the mosque of the Dungan Mosque during the tour in Kyrgyzstan and to drive a rental car through the territories of common religious significance. The mosque's history is seen as fascinating and worth investigating.

It is known, though, that the people on the plane left China in 1877 for your latest tour of the globe. They built a culture when they got there. It is said that the year 1907 was the year in which these people agreed to invite the architect Chjou Siy. With the support and encouragement of 20 more people, the materials for the mosque and its construction began. A house without copper and bolts was designed as a result.

Lately, to visit the mosque on their own, visitors have the choice of renting a car. At the same time, on tours in Kyrgyzstan, the Bishkek car rental service provides a chance to discover the value of the building's colors. We're talking about the red hue in this turn, which means security against bad powers, the yellow hue, which originally means money, and the green is pleasure.

During the days of the Soviet Union, it was forbidden to believe in God and to visit holy sites. This occurred in the 20th century, in essence. The Muslims then gave a fair sum of money when the Second World War refugees began. And he was permitted to visit those tours by the government. In order to visit Karakol and the Dungan Mosque in the vicinity of Kyrgyzstan, you must now take into account your car rent. 


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