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Kyrgyzstan attracts tourists to come here again. This tour will generate positive ideas for travel and car rent. Enjoy the uniqueness of a glacier that has never melted and take pictures. We believe that guests will spend an unforgettable time with us. During the tour, you will meet our guide, driver and manager. They will provide safe travel for everyone traveling in Kyrgyzstan.

Our company will provide a view of the Tianshan Mountains during a tour in Kyrgyzstan. On the way, you will be famous for lakes and glaciers. They will not melt due to high altitude. At the top, the temperature is low. Therefore, this tour will be difficult. "Ice rivers " is a valley of glaciers, and some glaciers can be seen through car rent services. There are about 800 glaciers in the country, covering 30% of Kyrgyzstan's area, and they can be reached by renting a car.

One of the high glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is Enilchek Glacier, which will be great during the tour. It is divided into north and south. The Ak Sai and Adygene glaciers in Ala Archa National Park are great for travel reviews in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car in Bishkek.


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