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Kyrgyzstan History

The tours in Kyrgyzstan will be comfortable by renting a car and see the history. We are eager to inform you some facts about Kyrgyzstan. The history of Kyrgyzstan is rich and enlightening. You will be told about facts on the tours and even more. It is decent to travel with the guides, to see the local peoples etc. Likewise, we would like to sidewise that you can rent a car and drive off road to any places.

The travelers can see old scripts on the walls of gorges and learn more about the wanderers. It is knowing that these are such people who were moving from one region to another. The ancient Kyrgyzstan is about 2000 years old, where its relic is 201BC. On the tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be shared about it.

By getting travel in Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car and drive along the mountains, see the mounting of art, music, and literature in the approximations of the ancient people. In this case we sideways about the Rock Art Gallery in the Issyk Kul region, in Cholpon Ata. The site demonstrations the Bronze Age, being the center of pleasing life. On the tours, see the imageries portrayed on the walls as petroglyphs, goats, bulls, horses and all of the animals, scenes of usual life like dancing, crossing and so on.

The history of Kyrgyzstan is germinal in the Chinese records in 201BC. It is exposed from 1000BC to 300AD. The Kyrgyz people was expected in the record "Historical notes" where about 5 people who were uninteresting to steam the Hunnu. Then the other records are given in the record Han-shu of historian Ban Gu. Experts say that the area of the state of the Kyrgyz were in the Eastern Turkestan.

Likewise, 1200 to 1400 is related with the disastrous events, due to archives of sessions of the Mongols. They discussed to allure the culture of Turkic, which was compassionate. Formerly the explorers rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, they are absorbed of the fact that in 1207 the Kyrgyz were the Yenisei ones and this year the people have energetic to get under the instructions of Chenghiz Khan. Later, in 12-15th centuries, the nomads of the past were cheerful to the religion Islam and devoted with Persian, Arab, and Turkic wholesalers.

Our company indorses to travel in Kyrgyzstan and use car rent service for assigning the territory. Travel lengthways the country where in the 15th century noticed the people moving from South Siberia. Therefore, the 15th century and up to the 19th century the residents didn't have any civilization. There were worries, and some of the leaders were trying to make the only state with the only leader. The consciousness went to be unsuccessful and accepting the tribes with the rigid system as well as the turn of encouragement.

In 18th century to 20th century the Kyrgyz people were estimating the fortitude to progress the part of the Russian Empire by stating the stratagems in order to alert the Russian leaders this temptation. The north of the past Kyrgyz people was eager to inhabit Russia, as they were longsuffering from other communities. These communities were from inner regions sideways with the outdoor ones. The south was in irrationality of this idea and that is why they were willing by power. The service led to the change from travelling way of life to agroindustry.

In 20th century, in 1917, the Bolsheviks took an order to surprise the inducements of the Russian Empire. They required about the shirking of the management of the people, that they will be related. This is the submission of the Soviet Union where began to lump political and cultural life of the country with the teaching. The Kyrgyz people operated to independent region, and after that to the republic. It was obdurate and led to killing people. It was the worth times for people.

Actually, in 1991 the Soviet Union mislead and Kyrgyzstan got independent. People enlightened by faced with economic level, joblessness and crisis in political, economic as well as social life. Kyrgyzstan got flag and anthem. In 1992, became the member of the UN, in 1993 and got Constitution. Also, there were two revolutions in 2005 and 2010. It was the stage when the people were willing with their regulatory. Get tours in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car. We are sure you will be awe-struck.