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Peak Lenin

Come to see the famous Lenin Peak on the tour in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. Everyone is welcome to join the tour group and drive via the border of Tajikistan. The height of the mountain is 7134 m. On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, you can use the car rent service to visit the top of the mountain.

The weather here is impulsive, because of the elevation. This mountain was exposed when the scientist A.P. Fedchanko came here in 1871. In the past, this mountain was elected Peak Kaufman devoted to the governor and Soviet leader. The current name of the leader of that period became the name of the peak.

In 1929, when the people of the tour group couldn't reach the highest point, the first tour was made. This event was done by the Soviet Red Army, and its members wanted to vault and place Lenin's monument. Then, in 1967, the group of 301 made an anniversary climb. People start to know that there are more than 16 routes.

Deciding to come to Kyrgyzstan alone or in the group and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, the access to the mountains can be dangerous. The weather changes and it is authoritative to know the safe instructions. There was a tragedy in 1974, when a group of women was died by a snowstorm, and then in 1991, a group of about 44 people caught by an earthquake, so it is better to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan.