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In Kyrgyzstan, most people practice Islam religion. On a tour with Bishkek rent a car, you will discover a country closed by mountains where more than 75% live are Muslims; about 20% are followers of the Russian Orthodox Church and only 5% are supporters of other religions.

Most Muslims are supporters of Sunni Islam. While travel around Kyrgyzstan with our car rent service, you will learn that it appeared in the 8th century and until the end of the 19th century it became the leading one in the country. The most interesting thing in Kyrgyzstan is even shamans exist. Christianity is the second largest religion after Islam in the country. It began to exist in the 7th century and Christians mainly in Kyrgyzstan are ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

During travel around Kyrgyzstan, it will become clear to you that there is no denunciation to any particular religion, in other words there is freedom of religion. However, this could only be dreamed of during the Soviet Union, since it was generally forbidden to believe in God, and fortunately, today every person chooses his own religion. Explore all the details of the Kyrgyz Republic on Bishkek rent a car tour.