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Sulaiman mountain

Every tour is daunting from its own point of view, and the degree of sense of the site depends on the details given by the guide, such as the Sulaiman Mountain. We would like to remind you, then, that the mountain is situated in Osh, in the middle of this ancient city. We think it's a smart idea in the event that the foreigners begin to investigate the car rental location on Kyrgyz tours.

In hopes for everyone else to know all the details, since there are historical scripts and ancient ruins, we should tell some of the truth. These photos have been taken by ancient people. If you rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan, the wanderers will ride to the hills and see that there is a legend about the land of King Solomon (Suleiman). The description of the hill was once Bara Kukh and then Takht I Suleiman, 'The Throne of Solomon.'

There are some seven caves within the mountain, which you can see on a tour of Kyrgyzstan. One of them is the Osh United Historical and Cultural Museum, which is worthy of the visitors who rented a car in Kyrgyzstan to take part in the journey. Around the same time, the mountain is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List for 2009.


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