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Uzgen complex

Located 54 km from Osh, Kyrgyzstan, the Uzgen Complex is considered to be one of the most significant historic sites of authentic leadership. They normally rent a car and walk along the Kara Darya River while tourists go to Kyrgyzstan for a tour.

It continues during the II-I centuries of life with respect to the history of the complex. It was the time when, from the Fergana Valley to Kashgar, people made their way through the sights of trade. Around the same time, in the 9th-12th centuries, it was once the capital of the Kingdom of Karakhanid. And the ages of making a complex being are these.

Boarders on car rent in Kyrgyzstan have the ability to stroll around the city for wonderful tours and see the beautiful mausoleum, which used to be 45 m high, upon arrival here. It was demolished and was able to attain a height of nearly 20 m. There are three parts of the building on which burnt bricks are mounted. Our company's Kyrgyzstan car rental service focuses on showing the best of the territory on tours. 

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