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Car for rent in Kyrgyzstan

Are you looking for travel options in Kyrgyzstan, we suggest you self-drive adventure within the country or even in Central Asia. Our company has big choice of different types of rental cars. All holidaymakers can find the car that they are looking for rent. The prices are also reasonable. In the last years, renting a car becoming very popular, it allows you to discover untouched beauty, visit remote cultural and historical places and have much fun independently.

Kyrgyzstan car rent. 

Our office and base garage of rental cars situated in capital city. However, you do not have to come to Bishkek, because we have delivery service to any city of Kyrgyzstan and even neighboring countries. For instance to Almaty in Kazakhstan and Osh in the south. You are able to continue on your rental car to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We have car rent service in Uzbekistan, where you can escape from busy public transportation. In Turkmenistan, you will enjoy independent holiday on rental car with personal driver. In addition to car rent, our experts of local destinations will help you create a unique self-drive itinerary depending on your personal wishes. We experienced many years cooperation with different level accommodation providers in Central Asia. So, let us arrange guesthouses, homestays and camps in mountain areas as well as in big cities.

For booking, we need minimum documents like copies of passports and driving licenses and the specific percentage of total car rent price.  The other amount of rental car fee in Kyrgyzstan will be made upon arrival. Our masters bring the car you rent to agreed place on time. All required documents to rent a car will be prepared by office and you just have to sign and check you your vehicle. We provide car fully equipped for the sake of comfortable and safe travelling. In all our cars for rent, there are folding table, chairs, gas boiler, sleeping bags, tents and many others. It makes you to embark on trip immediately. We hold a promise of wonderful holiday on our rental cars; you will drive to magnificent mountains and will not miss rich cultural sites of the countries. Above all, we provide 24/7 telephone and technical support specially for you.

We highly advice to rent comfortable and safe vehicles for you Central Asian journey and enjoy the beauty of countries together with us!