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Silk Road travel

Silk Road travel, Silk Road tours. 

Each country has its own peculiarity, but when choosing one tour where the countries of Central Asia are present, you can not only compare everything but also get a complete picture of ancient history. You will be incredibly amazed at how beautiful each country is and how unique each is. Tours will make you see such incredible landscapes of countries that it will seem that they are not real.

You can travel to see all the best in the countries of Central Asia. During the tour, you cannot help but notice how interesting monuments of ancient stories you can see, as well as how picturesque and organic the new technologies look against the background of ancient stories in which you can find in the pendulums.

Silk Road travel 1
 Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 8 days 

We are pleased to welcome you on a tour that will show you the charm of the two countries of Central Asia. The tour to this beautiful place is fascinated not only by the bright and interesting monuments of ancient architecture but also by the fabulous nature whose beauty will captivate you. Read details here.

Silk Road travel 1, Silk Road tours.

Silk Road travel 2
 Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Duration: 12 days

Let me introduce you a tour that will love you in the countries of Central Asia. You cannot miss the magnificent nature of the countries that will amaze your imagination. Enjoying the untouched beauties of the country, you can also find out its history. Since here when the Great Silk Road passed, you can see grandiose architectural monuments. Read details here. 

Silk Road travel 2, Silk Road tours.

Silk Road travel 3
 Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Duration: 20 days

What could be better than learning and seeing something new? During the tour you can visit a huge number of places where there will be not only beautiful nature and interesting animals, but also the ancient history of these places. You will be able to see the greatness of the architectural monuments of countries that you will remember for a long time. Read details here.

Silk Road travel 3, Silk Road tours. 


The Great Silk Road connected East and West into one single unit. In ancient times there were caravans of merchants and travelers who made interesting hikes through high mountain passes, sultry deserts, steppes and valleys. It is important to note that the Great Silk Road was not only a shopping center, but also the key to unraveling religion, culture, technology between the countries of East and West.

Our company is pleased to provide you with Silk Road tours with all five "stans"! This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the nature, history and cultural heritage of our countries as part of amazing tours. It's time to travel in the footsteps of the Great Silk Road and get pleasant holidays!

Start with Kyrgyzstan, where nomads rich in cultural heritage still live. Uzbekistan will surprise you with numerous architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road that have lived side by side for centuries. During the tour, tourists will visit Kazakhstan and explore the vastness of the steppes and deserts. In Tajikistan, you can walk along the ancient caravan roads and learn more about the country, which is the heart of Asia. Turkmenistan will surprise you with a rich historical and cultural heritage combined with a unique virgin nature. This unforgettable tour through five countries will give tourists a lot of vivid impressions.

We will take care of your safety and give only vibrant emotions. Each of your tours will be filled with new experience and show the way to exciting adventures! We are sure you will want to come here again!