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Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan car rent

Dear travelers, our car rent company is glad to present you the world of Central Asia, which is one of the most beautiful region in the world. You will be delighted by travelling here, so it si time to forget about the problems and come to the world of amazing and wonderful Central Asia!  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are the countries of Central Asia, where your itinerary will start. These countries were formerly under the iron curtain and hence were completely unachievable for the tourists. In some areas, even the citizens of the Soviet Union were unable to visit, because they were devoted for the elite. Fortunately, the situation changed and now everyone with a good will can launch a journey and get to the remotest and most isolated places of this region on our cars for rent. Our auto -renting company is glad to welcome you here. The cities, villages, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and other places for visiting are very beautiful. Such cities, as Almaty, Dushanbe, Bishkek, Pedjikent, Kjujand and other are worth visiting. They will enchant you by the interesting architecture, sightseeings and other interesting places. Trust our car rent company and your travelling will pass without ambages on the best cars for rent.

Our auto rent company advises you to explore the country of Kyrgyzstan - the Asian Switzerland. 93% of the whole territory are mountains. The main mountain range here is Tien Shan Mountain range. The highest point is 7439 meters above the sea level. This peak is called peak of Victory - in honor of the great victory over the fascism. The capital is the city of Bishkek. You can drive from here on your auto to Tajikistan, which is also famous with mountains. The main mountain range here is Pamir Mountain range. This country is also full of historic sightseeings, because in the ancient times this territory was part of the Sogdia. The capitals is the city of Dushanbe. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. Mainly it is covered with steppe, deserts. There are also mountains and beautiful lakes. Two main cites are Almaty and Astana. Choose our car rent company and drive on the best cars for rent!