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    Snow Leopard. He lives along the peaks of the Tien Shan. A rare animal. His main diet are large ungulates, including goats and deer. Also catch hares, marmots, rodents and birds - everything that can catch anything. Snow Leopard - one of the most beautiful animals. The hunt for him is strictly prohibited.


    Bar is located in a vast area, but inside it is constantly on the move. With a variety of land for all seasons Usually follows the herd mountain goats and sheep.

    Reached 1.5 m in length, the tail somewhat worse than the length of the body. Weight up to 150 kg. The fur is thick and large, smoky-gray, with a brownish coat on the sides and back. Scattered throughout the body and dark rings. Powerful short legs and a flexible spine allows leopards multimeter jumps to make overtaking its prey.

    In May, in the cave, in a cleft of the rock, a cave located under a big rock, there are 3.2 barsenka who are fed up to the end of the summer milk. Maturity at 3-4 years of life.


    Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 007

    Mission: Kyrgyzstan

    Actions: trekking round

    Duration: 8 days


    Day 1: the fly to Bishkek, arrangements at the hotel, you have dinner. After dinner you will be an overview of the sights tour that will include Oak Park, was of course also covered the Philharmonic, brother Manas, the Victory Square. In the evening dinner will be filed. Overnight at hotel.

    Day 2. After breakfast, transfer ability in Karakol In the afternoon survey of sights (Russian Orthodox Church and Mosque Dungan) in Kyrgyzstan. A dinner and suddenly board in Karakol.

    Day 3: Today we have a trek tour and travel to Karakol and changes in the Russian army bus 4WD a vehicle (Uazik). Then you have gone south along a river valley Karakol. 4 Army Truck WD transfer the fascinating mountain road venting through mechanisms of wood trees, as well as between breathtaking mountain Karakol Valley in Kyrgyzstan. The following stage of a trekking tour makes a tour to the valley -Kul on wood fur-trees in Kyrgyzstan. In the evening dinner will be filed. Overnight at tented camp for orphaned (2800 m).

    Day 4: In the morning, we will continue to hike tour and travel , the valley gets gradually height. Today you will be transferred Alakol. A dinner in the lake. It is situated at a height of 3532 meters above sea level. Than 2.3 miles in length and 700 meters in diameter, it takes water from the thawing glaciers and turns to beautiful waterfalls in the other end. Today we have a trek tour through the wings of the passport culture. (3860 m) and then a trek and travel down to the canyon Keldike In the evening dinner will be filed. Overnight camping in the valley Keldike (3200 m).

    Day 5: After breakfast, visit tour valley Altyn Arashan. Kyrgyz Altyn Arashan with "gold source" for its healing natural Sulphur Hot Springs is also known. A free time for leisure or visiting Hot Springs. At noon, you have dinner. Overnight in tents the wooden house (2600 m).

    Day 6: Today we begin a walk tour to the main road. Meet the car. Pass to Karakol in a very impressive mountain road. Arrival in Karakol. Car turning the comfortable bus with air conditioning. Moving in Cholpon-Ata. To relax on the lake in the afternoon. A dinner and suddenly in small hotels.

    Day 7: In the morning motor to Bishkek. Stop in a way tower Burana see that remnants of ancient city Balasagun. (XI - XIII) The dinner will be organized on the tour road. Free day. In the evening dinner will be filed. Overnight in the board or in a hotel.

    Day 8: After the time of your first details, meet your tour guide at the hotel and be sure to visit the airport.


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